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Twitter asks users what features they would like to have a subscription

Twitter has officially confirmed that it is exploring the idea of ​​a paid subscription model, and now the company has begun, through an Andrew Roth survey on Twitter, to identify users about potential features that could be added as part of a potential paid service.

Roth’s thread shows a number of features that Twitter seems to be considering as part of a paid level, including the ability to quickly cancel tweets as soon as they’re sent, and the ability to post longer videos and higher-resolution videos. Interviewed users are invited to select the most important and least important of the proposed ideas.

A complete list of possible features includes:

  • A “go back” window that lets you invoke a tweet within 30 seconds that sounds similar to the “Back” button in Gmail. It’s closest to offering the edit button that Twitter has been talking about so far.
  • Custom colors for Twitter and website
  • Ability to publish videos in longer and higher resolutions
  • Advanced analysis
  • Badges with their own profile (an example is given that journalists could have badges with a note for which they are working for the publication)
  • Canned answers from which you can choose for faster answers
  • Recruitment functions (for job postings and links to potential recruits)
  • Custom stickers and hashtags
  • Statistics for other accounts (which could show all of your past user interactions)
  • “User roles” to make it easier for large organizations to grant access to corporate accounts without having to share passwords directly
  • Fewer or no ads at all

Twitter also seems concerned about whether users would react badly to a paid level that would limit some features. Part of the survey looked at whether users were concerned that this would undermine Twitter’s status as an open platform or conversations in favor of paid users.

Rumors of the Twitter subscription platform were first broken by posting a new team at a company called “Gryphon,” which was said to be “building a subscription platform” for the company. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would further confirm that the company is in the “very, very early stages of exploring” new site monetization options, but softened the announcement by saying the company has a “really high column when we ask consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter. ”

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