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RB executives Damien Williams reveal why he decided to resign from the NFL season

Kansas city leaders returning from Damien Williams have decided to abandon the NFL 2020 season during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday, Williams joined SiriusXM NFL Radio to find out why.

“For me, it was a little cut, straight, simple, right on it,”

; Williams said. “I’m dealing with a family matter – my mom was diagnosed with cancer and it’s stage IV.”

Stage IV means that the cancer has spread to other organs or parts of the body. Williams explained that as the eldest of three sons in his family, no other decision could be made.

“She was the only one with everything that was going on here. I never had a chance to have my father there. My mom is my rock, my everything. During a difficult time like this, I think I should be with her every step of the way. “

Williams described turning to his circle – his close family and friends – to discuss whether to play. His mother told him that no matter what he decided on, she would be behind him.

It was supposed to be a year, and Williams called CEO Brett Veach to tell him the news.

“It’s hard at the end of the day,” he added. “Football is my life, especially when I have won the championships and I would like to do a repetition that I know I can do. But in the end I had to do something personal. “

Williams’ opt-out came just four days after the real bodyguard, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, learned that she would instead stay in Montreal to continue her hospital work.

The chiefs thus lost two offensive starters in less than a week.

“It hurts, man,” Travis Kelce said on Thursday over a Zoom conference call. “It hurts, but at the same time you can, of course, respect both of their decisions. Love those boys. It makes me feel resentment in one of them. I fully respect what they do, and you know what? I think coach (Andy) Reid, Veach, front office will do an incredible job when he tries to fill that void. The boys we have in this locker room can fill the gap. Honestly, I really believe that. We have an incredible list and I’m very excited to see how this group comes together. “

Williams has been a key member of the last two senior leadership positions and, thanks to his 133-yard two-touch performance, has been a candidate to win the MVP award for winning the Super Bowl LIV. With Williams’ year, bosses turn to rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

“It’s all around the back,” Linebacker Anthony Hitchens said. “Our job is to prepare him for the defense in the first week – to show him different perspectives, to train hard, to try to throw the ball, to have some tight coverage on it, and I think we have a lot of veterans, to do it.”

Due to the unique circumstances of this offseas and the agreement between the NFL and the players’ association, Edwards-Helaire will not have luxury preseason games that can be worked on as a dress test.

As for the preparation of the new starter, Hitchens was not worried about that.

“You can prepare for Week 1 by practicing, especially at this pace and this speed that Coach Reid introduces us to,” he explained, “so I’m more than convinced he’ll be ready by Week 1 – and who’s all to play with.” I know that if you apply and train hard, you will be ready by week 1. You have no choice. Either stay here or you are lagging behind. “

As for whether Williams plans to return to the bosses to play next year?

“Definitely,” he said sharply. “Right now I mean my mom, but I’m also working on my ass – I’m not missing a break … my boys work hard every day at work, turning to the city (Kansas City).” I can’t just sit down and stand up and let it be an obstacle. This is not what this is about. I’ll be there for my mom, but I’ll get for her.

“I plan to come back and I plan to do it again.”

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