Officials believe this is the first unprovoked attack on sharks in Maine.


Maine officials have identified the first woman to ever die in an unprovoked attack on sharks in the state.

Julie Dimperio Holowach, a 63-year-old woman from New York, died Monday after a large 20-meter shark cut off the west coast of Bailey Island. This was confirmed on Tuesday by the Minister of Marine Resources Patrick Keliher.

The Maine Marine Patrol said a witness saw Holowach swimming when she was injured. Two kayakers took her to the shore and the first respondents came later, but she was confirmed dead on stage. The kayakers asked to remain unidentified.

before: Maine woman killed in apparent shark attack, first deadly unprovoked attack in the state

“They were right there at the scene.” They were brave enough to jump and get the victim back, “Jeff Cooper, a kayaker in the area, told the Associated Press.

Holowach and her family own property in the area and are well known in the community, Rob Beal, a master of the Maine Marine Patrol, told a news conference Tuesday for CNN.

Officials were able to confirm that the great white shark was based on evidence from a naval patrol and a doctor’s office.

Only one more shark attack took place in the state of Maine, Keliher confirmed, but it involved a different species. It also happened ten years ago.

“We urge swimmers and others who are training again or again in the water in the Casco Bay area, and especially near Bailey Island, to be aware of their surroundings and to avoid shoals of fish or seals that attract sharks,” Keliher said in a statement. .

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