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Live Updates to Democratic Debates: Candidates for 2020 Democrats face presidential primary debate in Atlanta today


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Ten democratic presidential candidates attended a podium in Atlanta on Wednesday evening just one hour after a contracting day in an inquiry investigation. testimony of US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, who testified that he worked with personal lawyer Trump Rudy Giuliani on the way of the president. Candidates were first asked for indictment, while Senator Bernie Sanders warned that Democrats should not "consume" President Trump.

“Sadly, we have a president who is not just a pathological liar, he is probably the most corrupt president in the country. modern history, ”said Sanders, although he argued that focusing solely on indictment would be a mistake. "The US Congress can walk and chew the bubble at the same time," Sanders added.

Warren's proposed property tax and "Medicare For All", two of the controversial issues among the Democrats, were also addressed soon.

There are two less democrats on the scene than in the last debate. Earlier in November, former Congressman Beto O & # Rourke dropped out of the race and former Minister of Housing Obama Julian Castro could not qualify for this discussion.

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Steyer: "Climate is my number one priority"

22:03 Steyer, who has spent millions of dollars to fight climate

"I'm the only candidate at this stage to say that climate change is my number one priority," Steyer said. – control of Biden and Warren.

“I think this is an existential threat to humanity. It's the number one question, ”Biden replied, accusing Steyer of supporting the coal industry early in his career.

Steyer replied that he came to his new conclusion that climate change is a priori enormous over a decade ago.

Grace Segers

Candidates deal with housing costs

9:50 am: Steyer was the first to ask about affordable housing, a growing problem especially in large cities. The billionaire said so much depends on where someone puts his head at night.

Warren said the housing problem is a supply-side problem, and the federal government and private developers are not building the kind of housing Americans need.

"Housing is how we build wealth in America," Warren said. She added that the federal government subsidized housing for white people, but not for people of color.

Her plan, Warren said, will solve this imbalance and reverse it.

Booker resolved this question further and pointed out that he had started his tenant lawyer career. But one thing has not yet occurred, said Booker – Gentrification. Booker said his plan would allow people who pay more than a third of their rental income to get tax relief. This would help low-income families, said the former mayor of Newark.

Kathryn Watson

Candidates discuss paid family holiday plans

21:46 For the first time since 19459031 discussions began, moderators asked candidates for their proposals to enact universal paid family holidays. Yang argued that only two countries – Papua New Guinea and the USA – do not provide paid family holidays. In fact, several other countries do not provide paid family holidays, but their numbers are very low.

"We should get out of this list as soon as possible," Yang said.

Klobuchar compared her plan to give Harris's plan a three-month paid family vacation. Klobuchar said that she "carefully" calculated how she would pay for her family vacation plan.

"I'm not going to do things just because they sound good on the bumper sticker and then fit into a free car," Klobuchar

Harris noted that more and more women had children after the 1930s and 1940s, children also often care for their parents.

"These families and parents often raise young children and take care of their parents, which takes a lot of work," Harris said. "What we see in America today is above all the burden of women."

Grace Segers

Biden says that Trump has "accused himself"

21:45. NBC's Rachel Maddow brought a recent "lock him" against the President on the World Series in a question for Sanders. Americans, Sanders said, "are catching up to the point that this president thinks he is above the law."

He added that the Americans "say," Nobody is above the law. "He added that if this president broke the law, he should be prosecuted" like anyone who breaks the law. "

Biden, who joined the conversation, said that such a decision is in the Ministry of Justice.

Sanders said he agrees that such a decision depends on an independent Ministry of Justice. The Americans, Sanders repeated, however, are beginning to understand that, according to his estimate.

Biden agreed, and the question of whether the president should be accused is a separate question. The president, according to the former vice president, has already "accused". Biden also suggested that it is up to the Attorney General to determine whether Mr Trump should be prosecuted for breaking the law while he was in office.

Kathryn Watson

Hatter: Women candidates "have to work harder and that's a fact"

21:36: Hatter has discussed the comments she previously made about Buttigieg, where she said, that a woman with his qualification would not be in a phase of debate.

"I think Pete is qualified at this stage and I have the honor of being with him," said Klobuchar. She added, however, that women were simply held to a different standard.

"Otherwise, we could play a game called" the name of your favorite female president, "said Klobuchar.

"We have to work harder, and that's a fact," Klobuchar said of the presidential candidates.

"If you think a woman can't beat Donald Trump, will Nancy Pelosi do it?"

Grace Segers

"Every day I raised $ 17,000 from ex-friends," says Klobuchar

21:33: Klobuchar's first Senate race is one of the uphill battles, he recalled Senator Minnesota. "I got $ 17,000 from former friends," she said.

This note came after Steyer had to answer his critics who pointed to people like him to indicate the money problem in politics. Steyer is a billionaire who self-finances most of his campaign.

Klobuchar has tried to prove that she is an outsider who understands Central America and can win a demography that other liberal candidates from a richer environment cannot win.

Kathryn Watson

Tulsi Gabbard addresses criticism of Hillary Clinton

21:25 Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker asked Gabbard about her criticism of Hillary Clinton. Gabbard said he criticized Clinton for representing the wing of the establishment of the Democratic Party.

The founding of the Democratic Party, he claims, "continues to be influenced by the establishment of Washington's foreign policy, represented by Hillary Clinton, and the foreign policy of others. "Military Industrial Complex."

Parker then turned to Harris and asked if he wanted to react.

"Oh, of course," Harris laughed. She then condemned Gabbard for criticizing former President Obama for Fox News and meeting Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and former Trump advisor Steve Banann. Harris said Gabbard "spent full time again criticizing the Democratic Party during this campaign."

"What Sen. Harris does is running lies and streaks and allusions," Gabbard replied. She said that Harris's words showed that Harris "will continue Bush-Clinton-Trump's strategy in regime change wars."

Grace Segers

Warren urged Biden's "Medicare for All" plan suggests that it is unrealistic

21:20: Warren was forced to advocate his "Medicare for All" plan, which is unpopular among Republicans and critics claim that many independent voters could shut down.

According to Warren, I see tens of millions of Americans trying to pay their medical bills.

Warren has been criticized for the cost of his plan, which he believes will still lead to an overall lower cost for average Americans.

Sanders was then invited to the interview and brought up one of his favorite lines – that he "wrote a damn account".

Biden, considered a milder candidate, insisted that Americans do not want to receive health care. the former vice president said he trusted the Americans to make the best decisions for them. "Medicare for all," he said, never failing.

"He couldn't pass the US Senate with the Democrats now, he couldn't go through Parliament," he said.

"If you go On my two friends' way on my rights and my left, you must give up your private insurance," Biden added.

Kathryn Watson

Warren says her property tax is not

21:13: Warren repressed criticism that her property tax proposal is repressive and says it is justice.

"Property taxes are not about punishing anyone," Warren said, referring to a speech she made in her 2012 Senate campaign, claiming that wealthy people had built up their wealth based on the work of non-teachers and civil servants.

"Two cents apart to everyone else "They have two cents of property tax and we can invest in the future of a whole generation," Warren added.

Booker replied that he said he believed in investing in utilities, but disagreed with Warren's proposal for property tax.

"The tax, as we present it, I'm sorry, it's cumbersome," Booker said about property tax, adding that it will be difficult to assess it. He also suggested that the same income could come from income tax rather than property tax. "We as democrats have to start talking not just about how we tax this stage," he said.

Grace Segers

Biden asked how he would work with the Republicans who wanted his and his family under investigation

21:09: Andrea Mitchell from NBC asked Biden how he could to work with Republicans who demand an investigation into both him and his son Hunter Biden.

The former vice president said he can win stating that others cannot, pushing through his argument on eligibility.

"I think we have to ask the honest question who is most likely to do what needs to be done," Biden said.

Biden did not directly address Republican concerns about his son's work on the board of the Ukrainian company Burma while he was vice president.

As the investigation continues, the Republicans continue to question the Bidens' conduct, although officials in the investigation said they had no evidence of anything illegal about Hunter Biden's time on board the Ukrainian energy company in Burma.

Kathryn Watson

Candidates at the first open hearings of the defendants

21:02 After three witnesses who witnessed an open questioning Wednesday, the first question of the night was about the indictment. US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland today Warren seized the opportunity to kill the head witness, noting that he was nominated ambassador after donating $ 1 million to President Trump's inauguration.

"How did Ambassador Sondland get there?" Warren asked, referring to his gift, adding that Sondland's nomination "talked about what was happening in Washington: corruption." It's about "how money buys their way to Washington," she said, warning big donors not to ask them to be ambassadors in her administration.

Sanders noted the importance of investigating the allegations, but stated that this should not be the main focus of the campaign.

"Sadly, we have a president who is not just a pathological liar, probably the most corrupt president in modern history," said Sanders, although he claimed that focusing solely on indictment would be a mistake. "The US Congress can walk and chew gum at the same time," Sanders added.

Buttigieg made a similar comment, stating that candidates should focus on what happens after Mr. Trump's defeat, as well as the "absolute" confrontation of the president "for his crime."

Grace Segers

Which candidates qualified for the discussion?

2020 Democratic candidates face Atlanta

Two candidates will be on stage less than in October because former housing minister Julián Castro failed this time and former Texas congressman Beto O & Rourke ended his bid for the White House.

Here are 10 candidates who have qualified to attend:

  1. Joe Biden, Former Vice President President
  2. Cory Booker, New Jersey Senator
  3. Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
  4. Tulsi Gabbard, Deputy Hawaii
  5. Kamala Harris, California Senator
  6. Amy Klobuchar, Senator Minnesota
  7. Bernie Sand ers, Senator Vermont
  8. Tom Steyer, Entrepreneur
  9. Elizabeth Warren, Senator Massachusetts
  10. Andrew Yang
  11. ] The Democratic National Committee highlighted the election and donor criteria that candidates must meet to qualify for the November debate. Candidates could reach 3% in four national or early opinion polls, DNC approved, or reach 5% in two early opinion polls. They also had to prove that they had 165,000 unique donors, of which at least 600 each had at least 20 states, US territories, or the District of Columbia.

How to pursue the 5th democratic debate

Warren will still have a target on her back

Although she has slipped into the poll since the last democratic debate in polls, Elizabeth Warren will still have a target on her back Wednesday night , in particular as regards its plan to implement Medicare for All.

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign launched Warren's $ 20.5 trillion plan early this month as a "math gymnastics" program. In order to keep Warren on the question, Senator Bernie Sanders made a characteristically indirect attack on his three-year plan to switch to Medicare for All, citing a beep of the association's leading association that any weakening of his plan was

His plan to move from the more lenient "Medicare for All Who Want" plan to Buttigiega, Warren said that her plan "is about actually providing Medicare people for everything that is about to be fully covered." "Buttigieg spokesman released and said that" unlike Senator Warren, he wouldn't dig tens of millions of American families out of their private healthcare plans. "

Senator Amy Klobuchar also met Warren in October. , arguing that Medicare for All is impossible without raising middle-class taxes, warns the Warren campaign.

Zak Hudak

Four candidates urge Comcast to screen NBC / MSNBC

Two days before the fifth democratic primary debate organized by MSNBC, four democratic presidential hopes called on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to demanded Comcast, parent company MSNBC, to commit to conducting an independent investigation into a "toxic culture" of a society that allowed sexual harassment and abuse

On Tuesday, Senators Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to DNC Chairman Tom Perez increased pressure on the party to emphasize its support for victims of sexual abuse.

“We signed candidates are very concerned about the message that will send victims of sexual assaults if our next debate is sponsored by MSNBC without clear commitments from Comcast, NBC's parent company and MSNBC to conduct an independent investigation into a toxic culture that has allowed rapists and silenced "They wrote their hopes for 2020.

Despite this letter, Booker, Harris, Sanders, and Warren will be on stage on Wednesday evening. [19659004] – Melissa Quinn

All eyes focus on Buttigieg [19659090] Pete Buttigieg in Focus Before Democratic Debate

This is the first debate that 37-year-old Buttigieg focuses on, given his new top position in Iowa and the general rise in the early states, along with other pioneers – the former Vice President Biden, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. they put Buttigieg's low standing among black and Latin American voters – two constituencies needed to get a nomination.

And when polls show democratic voters pay close attention to the allegations of interrogation, they want their candidates to focus on matters. And Wednesday night they will have, especially health care – and how to pay for it – plus the economy and climate change.

Democrats have a discussion here in Georgia because it is a state they would like to win. Since 1992, in which Bill Clinton was, he has not been a candidate for a democratic president.

Ed O & # 39; Keefe

First debate since the start of public accusations

The first democratic debate will be held on Wednesday night since the inquiry into the Democrats last week in the public phase. To what extent will the Democrats focus on the investigation still to be seen.

On Wednesday, US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland testified that he was not part of "some irregular or dishonest diplomacy" and reported in the reports that the Foreign Ministry, National Security Council and White House leadership had been informed of the announcement of investigations in Ukraine. which was sought by Mr Trump from the 2016 elections, the Democratic National Committee server and the Burisma energy company, which employed Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden.

If Parliament blamed President Trump, half a dozen presidential candidates could come to the fore of the campaign during most of January in the crucial closing weeks before the first ballot. The following Senate lawsuit requires the presence of all senators sitting, which means that Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet should attend New Year's trial after the first year of trial in Washington.

Biden's campaign outlines discussion points

Debate observers can predict three main tactics from Joe Biden's Wednesday evening campaign:

  • The argument about who has experience and leadership must be a commander.
  • promotes the "progressive victories" of the Obama era;
  • and continues to contrast Biden's health care approach to that of other competing democrats.

Biden campaign leaders discussed the upcoming discussion with journalists about Today's Call in the Background.

Concerning health care, Biden officials say that in recent democratic victories in Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana, it is clear that building on affordable care law is the Road for Democrats to Victory.

Campaign leaders often mentioned Warren at this point, noting that her plan would come out of middle class controls.

For opinion polls showing Biden lags behind Buttigieg in Iowa, senior campaign chairman said: "We are in a very good position."

– Bo Erickson and Kathryn Watson

Trump and debate

There is no word on whether the President will pursue today's democratic debate. , but his campaign will inform his presence in Atlanta in advance by reading a banner, "Democratic Socialism Destroys Jobs in Atlanta" and a full-page ad at the Atlanta Constitution.

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