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  • According to a court file, a DNA test confirmed that Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden, is the father of a child in Arkansas.
  • A document filed Wednesday in Independans County, Arkansas, Hunter Biden "is not expected to challenge the results of a DNA test or test process", according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
  • Biden refused to be the child's father.
  • Mother Lunden Alexis Roberts filed a petition in May for paternity and child support.
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A DNA test confirmed that Hunter Biden is the father of a child in Arkansas whose denial he denied, says a court file first reported by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

A document filed Wednesday in Independence County, Arkansas on behalf of Lunden's mother, Alexis Roberts, said the DNA test determined that Biden was the father of the child "with scientific certainty."

Vice President Joe Biden is not expected to question the results of a DNA test or testing process.

In May, Roberts, who said that the relationship with Hunter Biden resulted in a child born in August 2018, filed an application for paternity and child support and asked him to pay for the child's health care, according to the Daily Beast.

Biden's history of relationships is complicated. In 2017, he completed a divorce from his 20-year-old wife Kathleen Biden, accusing him of spending money on drugs and strip clubs.

That year he started dating Hallie Biden, his brother Beau's widow and his niece and nephew's mother. Page Six reported in April that they had recently broken up – that is, the child he was associated with was born during their relationship.

To make matters worse, he married Melissa Cohen at a surprising wedding this May.

Wednesday joins Joe Biden's presidential campaign, claiming that "some see him as the person most likely to be nominated by his party and ask President Trump to vote in 2020."

members of the Biden family are protected by the US Secret Service, which suggests the child needs protection.