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Google One will add the online storage manager as a backup of your phone

Two years ago, Google One was launched as a consolidated company backup solution that also offers a higher level of support, family sharing, and various benefits. Following the launch of Android Phone Backup in September, Google is now releasing this feature and bringing it to iOS using the new storage manager.

Backing up your Google One phone includes photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events on iOS. For Android, it works automatically and already contains texts, MMS, contacts and applications. This will now be free, and no additional monthly / yearly membership will be required, as all Google Accounts will receive 15 GB of storage.

Meanwhile, Google One for Android and iOS will be home to the new storage manager. It’s designed to let you manage and clean up what you̵

7;ve already stored on Gmail, Google Photos, and Drive.

It is also available on the web and provides a quick overview of the storage used. Google has noticed that “only shows files that count toward your current storage limit.”

In the Discarded and Large Items sections of Gmail, you can “check and release” deleted and spammed emails, as well as deleted Drive files that have been trashed but not permanently deleted. Each tab allows you to select and delete items individually.

New Google One features for Android are now being introduced, while the iOS client will be available in the App Store in the coming days.

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