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Apple launches new gift card for “Everything Apple”

Apple has introduced a new gift card in the US for all things Apple. He noticed him for the first time iCulture, you can use it in the App Store and other online services, but you can also use it to purchase products and accessories in the Apple Store.

Previously, two separate Apple gift cards were available: iTunes cards, which can be used for “App Store”, iTunes Store, and iCloud purchases; and Apple Store gift cards used to purchase goods at Apple’s online retail stores and bricks.

Apple has a dedicated page on its website explaining what the new card does and how it can be used. “Products, accessories, applications, games, music, movies, TV shows, CiCloud‌ and more. This gift card can handle it all. And then some, “reads the slogan.

As before, customers can decide how much they want on the cards, which can also be used to add money directly to Apple’s account balance to pay for things like Apple products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV programs and more.

The cards also have a new design with colorful Apple logos. If you request a gift card via email, there are a total of eight different designs and five designs for the physical version.

This website further explains that users in the US can continue to use their current Apple Store cards, while existing “App Store” and iTunes cards can now also be used in the US to purchase Apple Store products.

At present, Apple only offers new cards in the United States, but they are likely to reach other countries in the near future.

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